Comic Artists´ Workshop

© Erich Malter

Since 1986 the unique International Comic Artists’ Workshop takes place annually in cooperation with the International Comic Salon. The week-long workshop that welcomes around 20 illustrators (both German speaking participants as well as international guests) is organized by the agency Contours. Run by Paul Derouet who is joined by a team of internationally renowned artists, the seminar supports participants to either continue with an already existing larger graphic novel / comic project or to work on a specific topic that is announced a few weeks prior to the workshop. The originating works are presented to a wide public during the International Comic Salon. Quite often the seminar offers a glance into future comic artists' carriers. After all some of the former participants were: Isabel Kreitz, Uli Oesterle, Ulf K., Nicolas Mahler …

33rd International Comic Artists’ Workshop – 25 to 31 May 2018
Instructors: Birgit Weyhe, Flix, Paul Derouet
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