A core element of the festival are the many exhibitions staged throughout the city centre. Zeich(n)en der Zeit – Comic-Reporter unterwegs is a comprehensive exhibition on the topic of comic journalism, created by the Comic Salon in collaboration with Erlangen Stadtmuseum, which includes amongst others works by Joe Sacco, Guy Delisle, Sarah Glidden, Olivier Kugler, Ulli Lust and Victoria Lomasko. From the thousands of original drawings in the archive of Greser & Lenz, around 300 were selected for the exhibition Witze für Deutschland, hosted by Erlangen Kunstmuseum; magazines, films and photographs offer an insight into the working methods of the duo, based in Aschaffenburg, behind the incisive cartoons targeting the Republic of Germany and its political classes. Despite being celebrated as one of the most unconventional comic artists of his time in his native France, Marc-Antoine Mathieu remains relatively undiscovered in Germany. His multimedia installations in the exhibition Gefangener der Träume invite visitors to Erlangen’s Kunstpalais to embark on a kafkaesque journey. In the Erlangen Redoutensaal, with the support of the Canadian Embassy, the International Comic Salon presents Die Kunst des Erzählens, a retrospective of the Canadian illustrator and screenwriter Jeff Lemire, whose ability to combine popular themes with highly sophisticated graphic novels is virtually unmatched among his peers. The Redoutensaal will also showcase the diverse works of German comic star Flix. Von Beruf Comic-Zeichner is the title of an exhibition featuring one of the most successful and popular artists ever to emerge from the German comic scene. In all, around 20 exhibitions will be held during the 18th International Comic Salon at locations all over Erlangen city centre.