Klaus Cornfield: Kranke Comics

© Klaus Cornfield

Klaus Cornfield: Kranke Comics

31 May to 3 JuneTransfer

Opening Hours: 

Thu–Sat as of 9 p.m.


Take cover: the evil side of comics is coming to Erlangen! To mark the anniversary of the publication of the collected squalor of his Kranke Comics series by Weissblech Verlag, Klaus Cornfield has produced some new images in 50 x 50 cm format. The themes range from sugary-sweetness to porno, violent and absurdly revolting. Visitors of a more delicate disposition may want to consider sitting this one out. The warning on the book’s cover, “Not recommended for any age category”, is no joke! Klaus Cornfield, a musician and comic illustrator, lives with his dark brown tomcat in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. Since the mid ‘80s he has been a founding member of various bands including Throw That Beat in the Garbagecan, Katze and Orchestre Miniature in the Park. In the German scene he is best known for his Kranke Comics series, featuring Disney-like animal figures that are in fact sexual predators and drug-addicted sleazeballs constantly at each other’s throats.