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Ticket Info

Box office
For festival passes and one day tickets.
31 May to 3 June at the Schlossplatz
Thu 11 a.m.–7 p.m., Fri/Sat 9 a.m.–7 p.m., Sun 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
As well as at the Kunstpalais, Stadtmuseum, Kunstmuseum, Redoutensaal and E-Werk

Ticket prices
Exhibitions and Comic Fair
Festival pass 24,– / con. 16,– Euro
One day ticket 9,– / con. 6,– Euro (1,– Family Sunday)

Service fees apply for advance booking.

Concession applies for children and young adults from the ages of 6 up to 14 years, for handicapped people (50% concession) as well as their companion (identity document with B-remark) and holders of the Erlangen Pass.

Events at the Erlangen International Comic Salon

“Max und Moritz“ Award Ceremony: Friday, 1 June, 8:30 p.m., Markgrafentheater: 22,– (Kat. I) / 16,– Euro (Kat. II)

8,–/ con. 5,– Euro admission for the following events:

  • Yam Yabasha / Itay Dvori: Israel (UA) Thu, 31 May, 6 p.m., Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Clubbühne
  • Andreas Hartung and The Dunwich Orchestra: The Colour out of Space Thu, 31 May, 8 p.m., Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Großer Saal
  • Der nasse Fisch Thu, 31 May, 9 p.m., Theater in der Garage
  • Tobi Dahmen: Fahrradmod Fri, 1 June, 5 p.m., Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Clubbühne
  • Classic-Comic: Schumanns „Dichterliebe“ Fri, 1 June, 7 p.m., Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Kellerbühne
  • Gilgamesch Sat, 2 June, 8 p.m., Theater in der Garage
  • The Horny Blues Band feat. Reinhard Kleist Sat, 2 June, 09:30 p.m., Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Clubbühne,
  • incl. The Grand Comic-Party starting at 10:30 p.m., E-Werk, all areas – free entry with festival ticket!
  • Der Sommer ihres Lebens Sun, 3 June, 4 p.m., Theater in der Garage

Online tickets can be purchased in advance through our website and, at the established ticket offices within the metropolitan area of Erlangen / Nuremberg / Fürth / Bamberg as well as at the reservix booking offices throughout Germany (service fees apply for advance booking).

Tickets are also available at box offices at the respective venues one hour prior to the beginning of an event.

Concession applies (except award ceremony) for school children and university students, apprentices/trainees, people serving federal community or military service, volunteers fulfilling a social/ecological/cultural year (in each case until they have reached their 30th year of life), beneficiaries of social security and ALG II, as well as asylum seekers and handicapped people as well as their companion (identity document with B-remark) and holders of the Erlangen Pass.

Admissions of our cooperation partners

Free entry to exhibitions at the following venues with festival tickets (festival pass/ one day ticket) – otherwise:
Kunstpalais: 4,– / con. 2,– Euro
Stadtmuseum: 4,– / con. 2,50 Euro
Kunstmuseum: 2,– Euro (donation)

Comic Film Fest Thu, 31 May – Sun, 3 June: with festival ticket: 7,– (Lamm-Lichtspiele, E-Werk Kino), 8,– (Stadtmuseum) – otherwise: 9,– Euro
Student film night (Sat, 2 June, 10 p.m.): with festival ticket: 5,– / otherwise: 7,– Euro
Advance booking of films at the Lamm-Lichtspielen at or at the box office.
The ComicTalk with Hella von Sinnen Thu, 31 May, 8 p.m., Theater Fifty-Fifty: with festival ticket: 14,– / con. 8,– Euro – otherwise: 16,– / con. 10,– Euro

5,– Euro admission for the following events at the Transfer:
Klaus Cornfield: Kranke Comics Thu, 31 May, 9 p.m.
Jim Avignon – Neoangin Fri, 1 June, 9 p.m.
Live in Concert: Die Radierer Sat, 2 June, 9 p.m.

Tickets at the respective venues.

All information supplied is subject to changes!