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Die Welt der Söhne / Land of the Sons

© Gipi / avant-verlag

Die Welt der Söhne / Land of the SonsbyGipi

Translation: Myriam Alfano

avant-verlagDate of publication: 7 May 2018

Extract (German)

Civilisation has collapsed. Those who survived are left to fend for themselves. This increasingly familiar premise has served as the backdrop for countless comics, novels and television series in recent years. Nevertheless, Gipi succeeds in delivering a fresh take on the idea. 

In Die Welt der Söhne, a father and his two sons fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Gipi’s focus is firmly on the relationship between the rough and callous father and his two defiant boys, who ultimately only want one thing: their father’s love. When he dies, the two sons set off through a barbaric world filled with unexpected dangers in search of someone who can tell them who their father really was.

Italian comic author Gipi uses simple, raw but dynamic ink drawings to tell an intense and highly emotional story.