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Herbst in der Hose

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Herbst in der HosebyRalf König

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Extract (German)

A book about the dark side of male and human ageing that is also a joy to read? Not an achievement that many authors or illustrators can lay claim to. In Herbst in der Hose, Ralf König once again demonstrates just how well he knows people and their weaknesses. The dialogue is strikingly true to life, while König’s drawings convey the full range of human emotions with only slight variations in the facial expressions of his protagonist. A cleverly assembled cast of characters of different ages, genders and sexual orientations enables a variety of approaches to the topic. With his impeccable narrative timing, König is able to conjure up punch-lines as if from thin air. Visits to his parents‘ nursing home that are anything but amusing are recounted with such wit and empathy as to be a source not just of joy, but of solace as well.