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Schläfst du?

© Dorothée de Monfreid / Reprodukt

Schläfst du?byDorothée de Monfreid

Translation: Ulrich Pröfrock


Extract (German)

An extreme portrait format, perfectly suited to the bunk beds featured inside, sets the scene for Dorothée de Monfreid’s take on the timeless “I can’t sleep” story. Eight dogs share two bunks in a room, and Popow – possibly the oldest of the bunch – is snoring!

Kept awake by the noise, Nono asks the age-old question “Micha, are you asleep?” and demands that Micha “read something out loud”. Nono climbs down the ladder, and this is where the book‘s format comes into its own.

The next voice to be heard is Pedro’s, who wants to borrow a cuddly toy; then Zaza wants to switch beds, and Kaki wants a drink from Zaza’s glass. One by one, they all leave their beds, climbing up or down the ladder to end up in bed with Micha, who is reading a story. The fairy tale, beginning with “Once upon a time,” seems to have the desired effect: at the turn of the next page, seven little dogs are snoring contentedly in Micha’s bed. Read-aloud fun for young and old alike.