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Tracht Man

© Christopher Kloiber / Plem Plem Productions

Tracht ManbyChristopher Kloiber

> nominated by the audience

Plem Plem Productions

extract (German)

The good thing about Tracht Man is that you don’t have to spend long wondering whether the whole thing is actually intended seriously, while merely giving the impression of irony. For many German superhero comics, this is a fundamental question that generally seems to elude an entirely satisfactory answer. In the case of Tracht Man, however, the parody is unmistakeable, precluding the need for any musings that would in any case only spoil the fun of this monumental farce. Christopher Kloiber’s creation is great fun for Old Bavarians and Prussians alike, leaving barely a cliché untouched  – right down to superpowers brought on by drinking beer whenever a Saupreiß (northerner) is in need of a pounding. In an additional twist, the creator of the series and his publishing house Plem Plem Productions are, ironically, based in Franconia – a detail perhaps best not probed too deeply..